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 "...a workshop of ideas -  

 for good and beautiful

  products and services."


Show cases



The aim to offer services and products, that transmit the sensation of being welcome and safe - that is  feelhome.



Immerse yourself in a world that we share with people, who invest time in beautiful and good things and make life a piece of jewelery.



As an independent buying agency we offer professional support for a wide variety of procurement projects. Profit from years of experience around ornaments of our time. We procure merchandise for your home, items for your distinctive messages, realization of prototypes, outsourcing of chain-supply-tasks a.m.o.





show cases


Let us briefly introduce the core question which is driving us at feelhome: What is your "needi"? needi comes from "i need" and mirror inverted it reads "ideen" which is german for "ideas". In short, needs need ideas. Out of this question, all our projects arrise - a selection of show cases following here:


The feelhome services at a glance: Here you will find insights into our mood boards for Seasonal themes, explore our reference orders in the range of promotions that wont be forgotten, how to realize your first prototype in record time, browse through our webshop, how you create the right packaging for your product or just ask for advice when it comes to sourcing, last but not least if you look for such an environment for a co-working opportunitiy, just contact us.

Development of themes & moodbaords

Packaging Solutions

Consulting in sourcing and procurement



jump starts..



Prototyping and sampling

Web shop Selection

After Xmas is before Xmas


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