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 "...a workshop of ideas -  

 for good and beautiful

  products and services."


Show cases


The feelhome services at a glance: Read the insights of our mood boards for Seasonal themes, explore our reference projects of promotions that wont be forgotten, find out how to realize your first prototype in record time, browse through our webshop,  create the right packaging for your product or just ask for advice when it comes to sourcing and last but not least take a seat, if you look for such an environment for a co-working place...

Create your theme.  From briefing to sampling, we connect your procurement objectives with selected local and global sourcing and care to the entire process along the supply chain from the production site to your point-of-sale. 


Live your Dream Maker from. Don't let your ideas end on a piece of paper. Create your own small or large series of real products. Start with a prototype.

Need advice for your procurement project? Save time, safe money. Connect to the right partner to reach your goal. Count on our long experience in these areas: Management (Strategy), Product- and Supplier search, Material issues, Procurement expertise, Outsourcing.

After Christmas is before Christmas. Plan now the most important event of the year and revitalize your operation with high-quality Christmas trees in the full-service package of your choice. An action with effect, you do not want to miss.


feel shop is an online web shop with a selection of articles in the field of housing, decorating, and gift-giving in direct sales. Thus, we conclude a very tight supply chain between production and use which allow at both ends to facilitate needs-based adjustments and developments.


Packaging is a fundamental topic in the field of trade. Packages simultaneously fulfill several important functions, such as protection, logistics and representation. Here we offer hand to implement and realise some creative solutions in this field.

Promotional Communication

Promotional communication or the ability to embed messages using self persuasive products. Create advertising materials with a personal touch and realize your own idea, because that's how you will be remembered.

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